August 3, 2018

Star Ranch 5K Races

Star Ranch has hosted the “Bare Buns Run” in the spring every year since 1997. The event is so popular that it is listed as a “Top Running Race” in Texas by We generally have 130 to 160 runners in the competition, which is a qualifying race for the AANR-SW 5K Series. Due to the popularity of this event, ANNR-SW asked us to host a second 5K event each year – now named the “Chilly Cheeks 5K Run” and is run in the autumn.

The 24th Annual 2021 Star Ranch “Bare Buns 5K Fun Run” – Saturday April 10, 2021 is announced! Adults – $35, Children – $15. By reservation only – there will be no race day registrations.

Parking opens at 9:00 AM – the Fun Run starts at 1:00 PM.

Phone Star Ranch – 512-273-2257 – to register today!

Also, the 3rd Annual 2021 Star Ranch “Chilly Cheeks 5K” – Saturday October 9, 2021 is on the schedule!

Click the event links below for previous race results.

2nd Annual Star Ranch “Chilly Cheeks 5K” results – October 12, 2019

23rd Annual Star Ranch “Bare Buns 5K Fun Run” results – April 13, 2019