March 16, 2020


Star Ranch Visitor Policy (Temporary)

Star Ranch has been adjusting our policies in order to stay in compliance with CDC along with State and County orders. The BOD met on August 15th and came to a decision on our current policy in place as of August 16th, 2020. Before getting into the policy I would like to establish a common terminology. As stated below, then I will go over the rules as of May 17th  until further notice.

Members – Refers to anyone who holds a membership at Star Ranch.

Guests – Refers to a hosted guest of a “site holding” member.

Visitor – Visitors are folks who have been through our regular background check and pay for the use of our facilities. These folks will wear a bracelet.

Vendors – These are delivery drivers and/or companies hired to do service work for our members.



Current Day visits policy will be limited to members and guests of site holding members only. (Limit 2 guests, 1 couple or a family per site) Limited day passes exist to maintain social distancing in common areas.

Reservations for RV spaces, tents and cabins: Limited Sites open: Reservations are being accepted for Cabins and RV Sites Only. You must have an RV for an RV site. No tent camping is currently available.

For detailed policy and procedures to make reservation or register guests of members click here

All Visitor will be required to pass our background check and complete a release of liability waiver prior to entry to Star Ranch