December 8, 2017

Rules and Regulations

  2. Star Ranch Rules – 2021

    For safety and security, Star Ranch Nudist Club rules are reviewed and updated annually.

    1 Showering with soap is mandatory each time before entering pools or hot tub.
    2 Photography or videography is not permitted.  Special occasions require management’s prior approval. Persons with management approval will be identified with a wrist band or other such means. Written releases from all photographic subjects must be obtained prior to use of any photograph taken on the grounds. Camera lenses on phones, tablets, laptops or any other devices must be covered.
    3 No glass containers of any kind are allowed at the pools, pavilions (except designated area in the Nekkid Parrot), or hot tub.
    4 No clothing of any kind, including footwear, is allowed in pools or hot tub. Exceptions may be made with a doctor’s prescription.
    5 Children not potty-trained must wear a leak-proof swim diaper in pools and hot tub.
    6 Children under the age of 18 are allowed to enter the grounds only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times while on the grounds or in either pool or in the hot tub.
    7 Smoking or vaping is not allowed in Tara Hall, Margie’s Café, rental cabins, pools or hot tub, within five feet of the pools or hot tub, or in any other area designated as non-smoking.
    8 Activity of a sexual nature is not allowed in public.
    9 Noxious or offensive behavior is prohibited including but not limited to: profanity, illicit sexual behavior, urination, defecation, public intoxication or any annoyance or nuisance to the community.
    10 No littering is allowed, including cigarette butts.
    11 Open fires are prohibited. Only gas or electric grills may be used.
    12 Consumption of food and drink in the pools or hot tub is prohibited.
    13 Piercing below the waist, genital jewelry, or sexually suggestive clothing is not allowed.
    14 Unless your pet is confined inside your home, cabin, RV, camper or other structure or vehicle, it must be on a leash at all times. Owners must use plastic bags (available in office) to pick up dog feces, and must dispose of the bags in the dumpsters or other trash receptacles. Pets are not allowed inside the hall, café, or inside the outdoor pool fence, including the food preparation/serving areas. Service dogs must have proper paper work with name of owners and dog documented according to state law.
    15 Visitors and non-resident members must sign in and out. Sign in-sheet for members is located in the café. All visitors must check in at the office.
    16 Illegal drugs are prohibited.
    17 Quiet time is Sunday through Thursday 10 pm – 8 am; Friday and Saturday quiet time is midnight – 8 am.  Sanctioned activities on Friday and Saturday may run later than midnight.
    18 Members and visitors must have a valid driver’s license to operate any motorized vehicle on the grounds.  10 mph speed limit strictly enforced.
    19 Members who lease sites on Eely Road must have fencing or other obstructions that prevent open sight lines from the road onto C.O.G property.  Gates onto Eely Road must be kept closed at all times when not in use.
    20 Pets, other than dogs and cats, that are not permanently caged or contained, e.g., hamsters, fish, etc., are not allowed on C.O.G. property without the express permission of the general manager.


    Loving nudity is our biggest rule.  So have fun, play nice and always respect others!